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The main production equipment

配方计量装置 1 formula metering device

密炼机(75L) 1 set of mixer (75L)

开炼机(22英寸) 1 open mill (22 inches)

开炼机(18英寸) 1 open mill (18 inches)

冷却机 1 cooler

预成型机 1 pre-forming machine

分条机 1 slitting machine

橡胶裁断机 2 rubber cutting machines

射出成型机(300T) 3 injection molding machines (300T)

射出成型机(200T) 21 injection molding machines (200T)

压缩成型机(400T) 1 compression molding machine (400T)

压缩成型机(300T) 2 compression molding machines (300T)

压缩成型机(200T) 14 compression molding machines (200T)

压缩成型机(100T) 4 compression molding machines (100T)

真空成型机(250T) 9 vacuum forming machines (250T)

二次硫化箱 5 secondary vulcanization boxes

洗模机 1 washing machine

Main test equipment

硫化特性试验室 2 sets of vulcanization characteristics test room

引张试验机(75L) 1 introduction test machine (75L)

耐热老化试验机 2 heat-resistant aging test machines

耐臭氧试验机 1 ozone resistance test machine

试验成型机(50T) 1 test molding machine (50T)

比重计 1 hydrometer

扩张试验机 3 expansion testing machines

耐电压试验机 21 voltage withstand testers

工具显微镜 1 tool microscope